Nutu means nudge in Latin

We are Willow Laboratories, a health and wellness innovator based in Irvine, California who holds 127 issued patents, 48 pending patents, and technologies that are used by leading hospitals around the world, licensed under the name Masimo Rainbow Signal Extraction Technology®. With a proven history in helping physicians care for their patients, we have turned our attention to tackling one of the most pressing concerns that our society is facing today. The fact that 1 in 3 American adults have prediabetes and 8 out of 10 of those people don’t even know it!

Inspired by this mounting issue, we have focused our efforts on developing two complimentary products that we believe will empower those impacted and help change the trajectory of their life. Making people aware simply won’t cut it. Unfortunately, today’s doctors simply aren’t allotted the time to provide you with the keys that unlock their advice on how to “lose some weight”, “get more active”, or “eat healthier”. So we have developed a lifestyle program and a line of incredibly delicious yet healthy food to help you learn how and succeed despite your hectic lifestyle.

In our program you will only be asked to make small changes. But over time, several small changes, or Nutu nudges, will add up to big results. Together, we will enable you to lose weight, develop positive new lifestyle habits, and learn how to maintain a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. Lasting results, with just one helpful Nutu nudge at a time!

  • Joe Kiani


    Joe Kiani is the Founder and CEO of Willow Laboratories. He is also Founder, Chairman and CEO of Masimo® — a leader in noninvasive patient monitoring technology. Joe and his team hold over 600 patents and their inventions have empowered clinicians, athletes, and consumers from around the world. As an inventor and entrepreneur, Kiani founded Masimo with the mission to solve a problem that was threatening patient safety: how to accurately monitor patient blood oxygen levels. He successfully designed Masimo Signal Extraction Technology®, or Masimo SET, which today is often considered the gold standard for “modern” pulse oximetry. Masimo SET brings ease to the lives of clinicians by allowing them to monitor blood oxygenation more precisely without the interference of patient movement and has helped them eliminate blindness in NICU babies, detect critical congenital heart disease in newborns, and opioid overdoses in the post-surgical wards. Read more